The Bicycle Family
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Yes, we do custom trailers.

I’ve got a long experience with cargo trailers. In the early 2000s I used Tony Hoar created cargo trailers to deliver 500lb loads of groceries for SPUD, TREK and the UBC Bike Coop.

The trailers I build are based on the designs of Tony Hoar, Jan VanderTuin’s HPM, the now defunct BikeBox, Burley and other inspirations.

I prefer 4130 ChroMoly Steel construction. Steel is light, strong and reliable. We are now able to fabricate and weld Aluminium as well but still recommend steel for structural components. Trailers are welded using top-quality TiG production. I favour seatpost mounted hitches. If you have questions about axle mounted vs. seat-post mounted trailer hitch designs I’d be happy to walk you through my perspective on this. I’m happy to rebuild a custom hitch for your existing trailer to make it easier to use. My hitches have a quick release mechanism and can carry heavy duty loads.

The first trailer built by The Bicycle Family was a 5 standard Rubbermaid bin long delivery vehicle for Grocer Gunst (renamed Food Pedalers) featured in Momentum Magazine Summer 2010.

Grocer Gunst custom trailer during production.

Standard Trailer designs to come…