The Bicycle Family
more cargo biking and precious cargo biking in Vancouver!

Currently The Bicycle Family is a small operation, mostly one man, with lots of help from family and friends. That one man is RUSL Bicycle, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Emily Carr University. For a bunch more details checkout this LinkedIn profile which is not 100% but reasonably complete.

Yes, my last name is really Bicycle. Jane and I had our bicycle wedding in 2005. When I am not busy trying to start up this Bicycle Family manufacturing business I am with my wife Jane and two young boys Finn and Franky. Certain days I get to take care for them all by myself — so I won’t answer business calls those days. Please be patient I try to respond to all requests ASAP.

I’ve been into bikes as transportation for all of my adult life and have learned from wonderfully insightful people who’ve been at it since before I was born. The most important conclusion that has come to me from thinking about this for so long is that transportation is a social system, not just an individual’s act, or set of machines. See more on this thought in the Ideas Section. I always recommend people buy and read “The Age of the Bicycle,” by Miriam Webster.

I have been getting more and more help lately from Chris Guinchard who is a man of many skill, too numerous to list here. Chris will write a little bio bit here soon.

The Bicycle Family is rapidly growing and requires collaboration and help to increase the cargo biking in Vancouver. Please see contact us if you are interested in helping with that.

Take care and take the lane,

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