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Cargo Bike was Sold
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This blue  demo bike pictured is for illustrative purposes only. It’s mine, you can’t have it. You can test ride it and I will build you one just like it. The frame I have is unpainted so you can choose any colour of powder-coat you like, and you can choose from many options for parts and accessories and even some custom options for the box to suit your taste. The price would be $4000 – $5000 for a normal bike or more for a commercial use custom bike. (See examples at Metrofiets)

You can contact me directly for a direct purchase, or go though Etsy. I’ve put the details there. If you buy directly from me it is simpler and I don’t have to pay a selling fee to them. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Please come by for a test ride, you will like it 🙂

Some Details: (also see the concept, and box design pages for the development)

A comfortable ride to replace your car. The cargo/precious cargo is up-front where you can see it. No need to tie anything down. Just the pleasure and convenience of riding with all the stuff you need for your daily errands.

Hand-built Human Powered Machines 4130 CrMo frame. Light. Solid. Low centre of gravity. Bend over backwards warranty support coverage.

Strong Wheel, Sun Rims. Full fenders, dress guard, ease of use is paramount. You don't have to prepare to ride your bike you just get on and go! Strong and low maintenance disc brakes included, or you can go with cantilever brakes for a $100 discount.

AXA Defender integrated frame lock is so easy and quick you'll never want a U-lock again. The bike locks to itself so you don't ever have to find parking. There is a chain on the same key so you can lock up your friends bike with yours - or lock to a pole for overnight storage. Spring release takes only a second and you are rolling again.

Easy gearing to get you up hills with a full load of kids and groceries without breaking a huffing and puffing. Manually machined cherrywood bash-guard/pants-protector for convenience and style. The strong and dense wood originates from a tree the city took down on a street near my house. Fully weatherproof. Fun wooden painted metal pedals and a coloured BMX strength chain. (Among other options)

Sturmey Archer 8 speed (pictured) or Shimano Internal Gear hub. Internal gears are enclosed to protect from the elements and provide years of maintenance-free service. Frame can also accommodate a derailleur if you prefer. The choice of drive is up to you but the standard options are very nice indeed.

The hand-built Vancouver made family cargo box is made of Marine grade plywood and aluminium diamond-plate with 6061 angle and Stainless hardware. There are plenty holes to tie down large loads but the greatest feature is you don't have to tie down, balance or think about the cargo for normal loads - you throw it in and ride off - easier than a car. Weight is balanced low so even heavy loads are a breeze. Flatbed option also possible for ultimate cargo flexibility.

Toehold steps make it easier for the little ones to climb in. Seatbelts and bench (not pictured) for 2 children plus groceries. The extremely convenient and strong spring loaded kickstand means you can use the parked bike as a stable platform. It's perfect for loading/unloading and just about anything else you might imagine.

Lots of little fun details including cherrywood bar end plugs and a brass bell. Many futuristic LED lighting options.

Ready for you to test ride.

The timeframe is about 2 weeks for consultation and 5 weeks for production. So it currently takes 7 weeks from placing the order to delivery. 50% payment is due in the first week to confirm your purchase and 50% is due before painting – by about 3 weeks. There are financing options. Please contact me if you with any inquiries ASAP. Act fast, this is a rare opportunity as I will not be able to supply a HPM frame that I have personally built for about a year after this one. Until then I will be importing quality hand built frames from Oregon. I am accepting pre-orders for those now but the wait is currently 9 weeks for the imported frames.


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