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Design concept for the cargo box
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Rendering of cargo box with design modifications.

Here is a design I’ve been working on for the family cargo bike box. It is to be made from water-resistant lightweight marine plywood and aluminum diamondplate. This is a take off from the design of the HPM family box. The modifications I’ve made to that design are:

  • moved brackets to outside, so they don’t get in the way and collect dirt
  • rounded brackets, so they don’t catch and also styling
  • holes and hand holds, for tie down but mostly styling
  • raised rear of box, better back support and possibility of future design head support for child
  • curved edges, styling

The above changes are for the above reasons and also that I have a lot of experience riding with Finn in our Workcycle Bakfiets. Taking from that I wanted to improve the setup a little from the perspective of the parent using it everyday. The seatbelts will be the superior HPM design which allows 3 seating positions on the bench with 2 belts – also it allows the belt to be easily done up after the kid has a helmet on which is a small annoyance of the Workcycle seatbelt.

There are other front cargo beds (see HPM examples) besides the family box style but I’m designing this family box to also be good for loads that are all cargo – a good all-round functional box.

Update May 9, 2011 — It’s built :-):

Ta Dah.

Thanks to my very special helper, the box is together now. I’m still working on the seatbelts, bench, step-in and rain cover but that will all come soon…

Panels in progress.
He helps me a lot 😉


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