The Bicycle Family
more cargo biking and precious cargo biking in Vancouver!
Family Background

The Bicycle Family is a social enterprise trying to build a future that we can all enjoy: Cargo Bicycles, Precious Cargo Bicycles and Trailers. Carry what you need: families, pets, groceries, commercial and industrial. Electric Assist modification available. Let us use our experience and study to remove the obstacles to your carfree mobility. This is not just bikes and products (more stuff) but complete integrated solutions (ideas, help, service).

  • Taking pre-orders for Cargo Bikes now.
  • Making orders for custom trailers now!
  • Hand built, welded, machined in Vancouver, BC.
  • Bikes or trailers made from strong, light, and high-quality CroMoly Steel. We also consider alternative production materials/methods especially bicycle frame recycling/reuse. (there may be additional costs for alternate materials)

You can also order Oregon made HPM Cargo Bikes now with local Bicycle Family distribution. We’re a part of the HUMAN POWERED NETWORK. So we are a distributor for Human Powered Machines.

See the People page to see who we are more personally.

Please see our Links page [In progress – currently listed in sidebar] for some groups we admire/partner with.

See the Ideas page for more on the philosophy of this project.

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