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Out of Business
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This update is just to let you know that we have been Out of Business since 2013. Apologies to those confused because I haven’t updated the website until now.

RUSL now works at Tandem Bike Cafe doing repair for all things bike related, including cargo bikes! Tandem is able to order CETMA bikes, and possibly some other cargo bikes. We also have a staff member, Land, who is able to build long-tail cargo bikes. So, if you want to get a cargo bike in Vancouver, Tandem may be able to help you out.

I am leaving this website up for now because it has some valuable information and links for people, but please keep in mind that it is all dated material at this point. Cargo bikes have been around since bicycles were invented and the basic Long John design dates to the 1920s. But exciting developments keep increasing in the past few years to the technology, availability and use (even sharing and rental :-D)

In the future I do hope to re-launch The Bicycle Family cargo bikes in some form or another. Most likely that would be done in conjunction with Tandem, where we (A future re-formulation of The Bicycle Family) would manufacture frames and (maybe) boxes, and have Tandem do the sales and customer service. However, this is currently just a long term pipe dream, so don’t plan on it if you actually want a bike this year or next. If there is any change to this I will certainly update this website, so if you are still reading this, we are still Out of Business.

Thank you to all those who helped out (you know who you are)

The Bicycle Family


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