The Bicycle Family
more cargo biking and precious cargo biking in Vancouver!

This blue¬† demo bike pictured is for illustrative purposes only. It’s mine, you can’t have it. You can test ride it and I will build you one just like it. The frame I have is unpainted so you can choose any colour of powder-coat you like, and you can choose from many options for parts […]

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The Human Powered Network is a new network built by the Center for Appropriate Transport in Eugene, Oregon, and her apprentices. Its a way of bringing local production (micro manufacturing) to cargo biking around the world with the benefits of the internet age and global sharing. It is the lifelong work of bicycle visionary Jan […]

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Finally the Bicycle Family ‘Demonstration‘ Cargo Bike is on the road! Saturday was an event to congratulate The Vancouver Foundation‘s — Generation Green grant recipients (such as Bicycle Family partner Shift cargo bike worker co-op) and a chance for me to show my cargo bike to Vancouver’s current bicycling Mayor, Gregor Robertson: Here it is: […]

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Finn and Dad present the Bicycle Family Cargo Bike

A milestone: Friday night I got to ride my Long Haul for the first time. It’s at a stage where I can throw a few parts on it and give it a test spin. Jane and my Mum both said they enjoyed riding it – the test was overall very positive. My Dad didn’t ride […]

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Rendering of cargo box with design modifications.

Here is a design I’ve been working on for the family cargo bike box. It is to be made from water-resistant lightweight marine plywood and aluminum diamondplate. This is a take off from the design of the HPM family box. The modifications I’ve made to that design are: moved brackets to outside, so they don’t […]

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Hi, here is what I am trying to achieve: We’re planning for the first demonstration version of our Bicycle Family Vehicle to look like this. You can can get an idea of the features: Family cargo box up front where you can see it! No tie-down or bungees, no squeezing into panniers, you barely even […]

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